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28 Sep 2014

Kindness Is Universal

A Group of China Dolls on the bus

Last Tuesday i.e. 23rd September 2014, I was travelling on a public transport - VIP Coach back to Bintulu, Sarawak after completing an official task at the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak in Sibu, Sarawak when a group of china dolls (I guess they are, judging from their looks) got into the bus and filled few rows of the seat in front of  me. One of them was seated next to me on my left hand side. Oh ya. Before I missed it, you sure want to see how they were dressed: very short pants (some are jeans materials), mini skirts, transparent t-shirts and blouse and all of them were wearing heels. And they are all very gorgeous and sexy! Including the one next to me. Of course they are all very skinny (considering my size) just like those girls in the  Korean  Pop Singer.

I turned and smiled at her when she found her seat beside me and so did she. In a minute, they started chit-chatting amongst themselves painting the colour of the air in the bus with their language which obviously to my ear is Mandarin, as  I am familiar (I guess most Malaysians are familiar too due to our multi-cultural-country nature of society) with some of the words they uttered but I got blur to the rest as they talked very fast just like Mr. Wong Fei Hung did (Jet Li - the super famous Chinese Kung Fu master actor) in the Chinese movie

About a half an hour sitting while waiting for the bus to move according to its Schedule, the girl beside me started to shiver. She squeezed her body and folded her hands tight to her body.  She even talked to her friends who were seated immediately at the row in front of me. All of them in fact was shivering and folding their hands tightly to their body. I guessed it must be due to the cool air coming out from the air conditioner's  valve direct to their head and face. The air temperature to me was very normal as I am already seasoned with the bus' temperature plus I had brought along with me a cotton jacket with hood. Yeayyyyy.

She stood up and tried pulling to the left and to the right of the air conditioner's head valve. I was just observing what she was doing. Despite the attempt, the cool air still kept blowing onto her head and face. Nothing changed. She shivered much stronger I noticed. So did those other girls in her group. Understanding her predicament, I stood up, pressed harder the head valve of the air conditioner and just turned it to the right side! Eventually the volume of the temperature was now set to high (or adjustable according  to our desire). Voila!  I sat back calmly.

Body Language Is Universal

Guess what happened next! The girl immediately uttered these words to me with a big smile showing her yellow teeth: "xie xie ni". These Chinese words I wrote into Pinyin and to be pronounced in the way reading Malay, i.e. "Sieh sieh ni". Guys, I let you guess what are the meaning of those words. Well...I returned her smile without showing my teeth and replied  "no problem". Less than few minutes, she tapped one of her friends' back and  she demonstrated to them on how to handle the air conditioner's head valve. I also noticed that all of her friends looked at me and smiled when the girls next to me pointed her finger at me. I smiled back and felt like becoming a new heroin in a movie for saving a group of people from drowning in the sea.

"Kindness is A Thing That A Blind Can See And A Deaf Can Hear"
You see is so very true as the saying goes that "Kindness is A Thing That A Blind Can See And A Deaf Can Hear" and seriously I love these words. Yeah. It was just a token for being able to offer little help to those who are in deed in need.  Have you ever been in the similar situation when you first time set your feet into a totally new and strange place with so very unfamiliar gadget, very advance equipment etc. etc.  where you were in direly in need but everybody seemed to be ignoring you? Have you been there before? Yeah. I have been there  before too. As life is so dynamic plus very unpredictable, we ought to believe, at least, in Karma: what you give you get back. So, I guess it is good to do good things to other human beings on this planet. Do so while you can and you will feel good about it. Trust me.

That is all my sharing for today. God! I feel damn sleepy now at this time, Sunday morning.  Haven't got nap till this hour.  Oh ya. Before I leave you...I think some of us may have interest in this or are looking for the opportunity of doing business of good and quality product  from China which you could import directly from there. All the necessary tools on how, what, where, who etc are all here. Check it out <a href="">Pakej Import Dari China</a>
Warmest Regards,
Rosliah Fahmi
My Little Baby Boy and Myself in my hometown in Keningau,Sabah. Picure taken last August 2014.