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22 Mar 2016

Have Passed the Ethics and Etiquette Professional Standard held by Sabah Law Association

Hello buddies,

It has been quite sometimes I have missed writing in my lonely yet lovely blog.  It must have been due to the hectic work schedule. 

I must celebrate the super good news that I received yesterday. After going through the longest and painful weeks of waiting, finally the long awaited news comes up. All Praises to Allah. I have got more than the minimum passing mark. 
My closest buddy in Sabah - Jessica, Magistrate at KK Court

Among the students sitting for the Ethics and Etiquette Professional Standard Examination

Myself, Jessica and Zairi Zainal- the 3 Judiciary Officers who attended the  E & E Exam.

In fact I was not putting hope to get it through considering that I am serving in other  state while all the examination questions were all relating to Sabah Law and Sabah Ordinances. But I guess all efforts, sweat and tears have really paid me off. I think  I deserve to pass as our excellent Chairman of Ethics and Etiquette Sub Committee, Madam #Maureen Lind said "you worked hard for it and I notice that you passed both sections". 
Madam Maureen Lind - The Chairman, Ethics and Etiquette Sub Committee

Mr Brendon Soh - President of Sabah Law Association, Dr David - one of the most distinguished senior counsel practising in Sabah and Mdm Maureen Lind

I was flattened for a second and Breathe in. Breathe out. Praise to Allah. It is nothing without His Blessing and Grace. So what now? What is next? cause of action is to file in the Originating Summon to be Called to the #SabahBar. Yesss...Hope things will go smooth just the way I wish them to be. #Heading to the Road of Freedom

Till We Meet Again,

RFMG Road to Freedom,